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Horoscope for Wednesday, May 25, 2016


You may find that the best way to boost your creativity right now is to play. Grab a set of crayons and a colouring book, or set up some Lego-toys in the boardroom for your techies to play with. You may be stunned at what strange technique bring out in your brainstorming sessions right now.


The most ineffective response to criticism is to become angry, insulted and defensive. When you do that, you actually give a lot more power and credibility to that criticism. Today, focus on what you can do to change for the better, not on what others say about you.


Your intuition or a hidden writing talent could help you sort out some of your financial issues. If you are offered any sort of financial partnership right now, examine the fine print carefully. There could be hidden caveats buried in all the legalese.


A do it yourself project may go awry if you are not careful. Make sure you have a backup plan, just in case. This is especially important for any project involving water. Be careful when traveling across or on water right now. Expenses may be higher than expected.


Your home will be a haven from the stress of the world right now. You may find it incredibly healing to do one of those little "Martha Stewart" makeovers on one of the rooms of your home, or to treat yourself to a long hot bath complete with candles and scented oils.


You and your significant other will find a wild new way of communicating with each other. You are making some profound changes in your attitude towards your partnership, and you will both be excited by new and dynamic possibilities that are entering your lives.


You may forgive others more easily than yourself, and that is not always for the best. Have a look at how you have been treating yourself lately. Would you talk to a child or lover the way you are talking to yourself? You need more high-5s and less coulda, woulda, shoulda.


You may be traveling right now, but there are likely to be delays and detours. Take along a little extra money, food, and water, make sure the old jalopy is fully fueled up in order that you are not trapped in a traffic jam without the necessary supplies.


You may feel that new career-based responsibilities are a little harder to manage than you expected, but don't be hard on yourself. Part of being "the boss" is to know when to delegate! In fact once you realize it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, everyone will feel a lot better.


Friends and companions are insisting you spend time and attention on them right now but you really want to get caught up on your work or chores. You don't feel like going on a frivolous shopping trip. If you give in you could find you waste a lot of money.


Be careful not to fall prey to temptation to "comfort spend" right now, especially if you are a parent who very recently gave the infamous "we can't afford it because" lecture. You don't want to be caught failing to follow your own restrictions, do you?


Challenging news may come from someone you share investment ideas with, or from someone who is well connected in your social circle. The key to success for you both is to focus on long-term goals, and stick to what you know best. Don't let short-term anxieties deflect you from your path.