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Horoscope for Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You have an unexpected opportunity to take on a new leadership role on the Internet, or together with others in some kind of technology-based community of interest. You may find that it is easier to connect with like-minded people online.


You might be impulsively spending money today, and if you want to make them worthy investments, focus on "comfort furniture", healthcare, and other purchases that boost your body, soul and spirit. Avoid frivolous entertainment or heavy items.


You are going to find it difficult to communicate, because your mouth wants to run a mile a minute, and your mind says "Hey, hang on, wait for me!" You will come across as serious and studious today, even though in your head it's Mardi Gras time.


You can count on more moral support today from family members, who suddenly seem aware that you love and need them. You may get a call from someone who wants to apologize for their bad behaviour of late, or who simply wants to hear the sound of your voice.


You may have to make a hard choice today between a previous commitment and your desire to get out and play. You may have an opportunity that comes in at the last minute to attend a sporting or entertainment event, but if you go, something will have to be sacrificed.


You might have a sudden urge to visit a health-spa today. If not, maybe your horoscope will give you some ideas about the best way to take the "edge" off your feelings right now. You'll be tense and wound up, and may not know why. It doesn't matter why. Just find a way to relax.


You may feel impatient with a loved one or partner right now, but it's not really them that is the problem - there is a meddlesome parent or family member somewhere in the picture. Talking things out could bring up an ideal way to sort out the differences.


may be hearing of stock options, benefits, raises and promotions today. If given the option of a raise or options, take the guaranteed money. Deferring income for options is a gamble you can't afford to take. Remember the dot-bomb? Enough said.


You will find that it is pretty challenging to get from place to place today. People are cranky and confrontational on the road, and they don't seem to be paying attention to where they are going. Your attention is split too, so be careful.


Big changes in your career could bring welcome news to your bottom line. You can expect a raise, bonus or promotion. If you run your own business, you can expect higher profits or positive changes in licensing or regulations or taxation that help you better run your business.


You can sit down today with a friend and brainstorm some really good ideas together. You have both been a bit down in the dumps lately and you need to get out and have a little fun. Sporting events or any kind of physical activity will shake out the cobwebs.


You will want to get in touch with a loved one today because you have an empathic or psychic impression about them, and are worried something is wrong. Chances are good that whatever it is, it is minor and you will both have a chance to laugh about it soon enough.