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Horoscope for Thursday, September 03, 2015


You have a chance to take a class or lessons but you may find that the hobby you are looking into has a hefty price tag, or may take more time than you have free. Double check your schedule before you plop down a wad of dough on a class you can't finish.


The day will seem to drag by in the morning and afternoon, and pick up again by the evening. You may decide to spend some time just frittering away the day, but save some energy for the evening. You may be attending a sporting event or outdoor activity.


You have a wonderfully romantic aspect in your chart, and chances are you'll be making eyes at someone special today. If you are single, the best place to meet someone new right now is in a record store, at a rock concert, anywhere where music is shared and enjoyed.


You will find that your values and deeply held beliefs are more easily challenged than you thought was possible. A pair of lovely bedroom eyes may have a strong, sharp and powerfully creative mind behind them, but beware! Your charmer will turn your world upside down.


Travel for pleasure works in your chart, but not if your partner is involved. They may have dramatically different plans and ideas, and the two of you will have to work hard to sort out a compromise. At least part of the problem is likely to relate to your budget.


A challenging moment in your career may stretch into a couple challenging days, but the news is not necessarily as bad as you fear. In fact, the more things are being restructured or reorganized the better for your long-term benefit, even if that seems tough at times right now.


Don't get into a disagreement with a friend today. The issues will be shallow and the argument may seem pointless later on. You will be able to save face by retreating with grace and good humor. Keep away from the guaranteed "hot buttons" of sex, politics and religion.


Someone may accuse you of having an authority figure complex, but that would not be fair. You just have a problem with authority figures who abuse their power, and right now you are in no mood to sit and take it. You have discovered a way you can make a difference.


You may need a little time and space for yourself right now if you are married, but will be looking to connect if you are single. Either way, you significant other or a potential partner has other ideas. You may find that you are expressing a lot of frustration.


Believe in yourself and your ideas. You may have an insight that could prove profitable if you establish a long-term game plan. Make sure any financial planning is geared for stability and slow growth, but don't be afraid to sink some time, effort and money into your hobbies too.


Avoid driving today if you can. Business trips are maddening, the schedule is tight, and other drivers are insane. If you must drive, keep in mind that you'll tend to attract authority figures today. A speeding ticket stop will definitely put you behind schedule, so don't risk it.


Promising home-based business opportunities or real estate investments catch your eye again today, and you will be interested in a much larger or more challenging project. Just be sure that you are doing it for your own needs or desires, not to impress a friend.