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Horoscope for Wednesday, March 04, 2015


You may be asked to take on a leadership role in an arts or cultural association. You may worry that you don't have the skills, experience or time, but you may find this part-time volunteer effort leads to a big job or career payoff down the road. Think of it as an investment in your future.


Your coworkers or subordinates have come around. It's a miracle. You may wonder if a UFO came by and replaced them all with hard working clones but no, nothing so drastic. It is just that you were ahead of your time, and beyond their ability to catch up for a while.


If you are single, you may be lamenting the lack of action in your love life this morning, but by late afternoon a pair of bedroom eyes could catch your attention! If you are married, don't let an early-day lack of energy get you down, your libido will pick up again this evening.


Religion and spirituality are likely to be a strong theme today. You will have spiritual insights, intuitive flashes or dreams that strongly boost your well-being. You will feel a connection with a greater reality or sense of purpose today.


You may have unusual telephone calls today that reveal unexpected secrets and opportunities. This could take the form of a loved one who calls up to say "I've got good news and bad news." Ask for the good news first. It will make any challenges seem minor.


Your compassion for others could put you in a vulnerable position today. You may be frustrated with a family member or their judgmental attitude. Someone has made it plain that they disapprove of your lifestyle, appearance or personal habits.


You may have to help a friend overcome feelings of depression or sadness today. The best advice is to help them find some way to give to others. By sharing giving, they will get their mind of their problem, and you will both feel better about yourselves.


Your intuition is good today, especially where it comes to your home, loved ones, and family members, but don't offer any unsolicited advice. People are especially unlikely to be receptive to your suggestions if they involve criticism.


You are going to be hearing some interesting news within your social circle. Someone's juicy little scandal has exploded, and some of the resulting shrapnel could end up in your front yard. Take the high road, be discrete and avoid an understandable urge to spin things when the gossips call.


You and your significant other and or business partners or associates will be discussing the potential availability of extra money. You will need to plan and discuss the best way to make use of the extra money that will soon be coming your way.


You may be looking into buying a new computer, cell or cordless phone today. You seem to have worn out the phone or Internet connection with many back and forth calls or emails the last little while. If you are buying a computer, get one that has a big hard drive!


You'll once again be focused on that home-based business idea or on the health of a family member. You have mixed energies in the chart today, and while there may be problems with communications and the Internet, there are also pretty good opportunities to build your small empire.