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Horoscope for Saturday, February 06, 2016


It's a complicated and confusing day right now, but you can get a lot more done if you don't let yourself get too distracted by temporary financial troubles. Stay focused on the daily chores, or on the long-term career goals that will ultimately pull you back on track.


You may find that you are the center of a lot of attention right now. You are something of a sex object, but you don't mind! People find you attractive and irresistible. If you are single, you may have to pick from several ardent admirers right now.


Kick back, relax and have yourself a good time. Put aside your worries and fears about your career or social standing right now. You will have a great deal of creative energy, and there is fun, family and good entertainment around in abundance. Take advantage of an opportunity to escape reality.


Today it is your personal relationships that prove challenging, but there are opportunities within the arguments you are likely to face right now. You have a chance to learn something about the dynamics of personal relationships. Part of loving someone is learning to love their family.


Financial opportunities abound right now, but you can blow the energy if you spend too much time playfully spending the money on rather frivolous entertainment. You may find that the so-called "bargains" you are after have some hidden price tags or user fees.


You have an opportunity to make some extra money from something you learn right now. If you have been looking for a way to spend some free time and maybe make a little extra money, visit the library, bookstores, or go online and you'll find something that catches your eye.


Take advantage of opportunities to rebuild bridges, mend fences and get people together. Your home and family are good investments right now. While you may have some budgetary issues, any investment in real estate or home improvement is especially favoured right now. There may have to be dramatic changes before you can pocket your windfall though.


It is not the best day to tackle new home improvement projects. Chances are the colours are all wrong, and that deceptively simple looking floor tiling job is going to prove to be a lot harder than you thought. You may be better off to rest and relax the day away.


You seem to be in the middle of a "love-hate" moment with your family. It could be you can't make up your mind to hug or scream at someone, or it could be that there are two different people, one who is supportive and understanding, and another who seems obsessed with sticking their nose in your business.


There are going to be significant and positive changes in a relationship, but you may react to them fearfully. Just because your significant other is growing up does not mean you are growing apart. You can change, too! In fact, you will have to.


This is a good day to sit down and brainstorm some good ideas about your career future or investment plans. You can get a lot of work or chores done right now because you have a high amount of energy. You may get a lucky break that affects your future.


You may get some good news from a close friend or sibling soon. Someone is finally getting their stuff together. You may be hearing news that they are finally employed, engaged, or are somehow moving to a better stage in life.