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Horoscope for Saturday, January 21, 2017


Push your goals, ideas and aspirations in the workplace right now - you have an awesome idea that will bring together two "sides" of the company or organization, an idea with a lot of money-making potential. You may be spending much of the day thinking about or talking to your spouse and/or business partners.


The workplace is going to be a little challenging right now. The office politics are all about the male-female dynamic in the workplace. If you want to avoid a major power struggle, keep your own nose clean, dry and firmly stuck to the grindstone right now.


An anticipated problem will prove to be much over-hyped. While you may not dodge the problem completely, it won't be as bad as you expected. Relax, go into your daily work flow. You may even enjoy the challenge, there might even be a bonus in it for you.


Your boss may seem a bit erratic right now. A sudden and unexpected workplace dispute may bring in unexpected financial opportunities. You may find yourself juggling schedules at the last minute right now, because of other people's strange or confused behavior.


You have an opportunity to make friends online, through travel, or in the pursuit of a hobby that relies on paper or communications in some way. You could start up with a pen-pal or meet someone in an Internet chat room who opens up new horizons in your life.


Getting from place to place right now could be a challenge. You may find that people are cranky and uncooperative, they communicate in rude hand signals and are rushing about like mad hatters. Be extra patient and aware of the traffic around you right now.


Your relationships are going to be a challenging factor in your day. If you are still single, you may meet someone who seems to be more than they are in fact. If you are already married, you should be extra careful to avoid pushing their buttons.


You and your partner may have some hard words right now, but once you get past your disagreements you will rediscover and heal the friendship that is at the heart of your union. If you are single, you may meet someone interesting in a medical clinic or doctor's office.


Your subconscious mind is working overtime right now, processing wild ideas and information, some of which could come to you from secret sources. You will find that you are drawn to spiritual and metaphysical topics and are attracting people with some pretty wild ideas.


You may find that it is challenging at times to put thoughts and feelings into words. You seem to be tripping over your tongue a lot. But that is okay as long as you keep that self-deprecating sense of humor handy. People will find it charming.


You are a little frustrated right now because you are finding it hard to think, learn, communicate or study. You are distracted by emotions, or by people who don't have a good grip on anger issues. Avoid getting into any disagreements or arguments if you can.


Play, have some fun, get out into the world. Forget about your worries, cares and the minor responsibilities. Take care of the big responsibilities first so you can enjoy yourself without worries. You are likely going to be invited to a sporting or recreational event.