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Horoscope for Tuesday, July 22, 2014


You have the chance to take on a leadership role in your circle of friends or within a club, group or charity you belong to today. You can accomplish a lot within large groups of people by encouraging them to step out with their creative talents.


You will learn interesting and helpful information that could help you improve your well being and physical appearance today. There will be phone calls and letters from loved ones, and there is likely to be a note of well-deserved praise or thanks.


You would rather spend time and energy on friends than on your work or chores right now. You may not have a lot of patience for the ideas and suggestions of others, and that could cause people to react to you in challenging, confrontational ways.


You will be uncomfortable with a choice made by a family member today, likely because they have placed you in a position of responsibility you did not want. This is likely to be a financial duty, and it may possibly take the form of being an executor in a will.


You'll have more luck with romance than with work today. Unfortunately you may have to spend a good deal of time getting computers and telephones to hook together correctly. This is not a good day to install or purchase new electronics.


This is not a good time to go out looking for information about your work, health or well-being - you are too impatient and lack the focus needed to make the most of whatever is there to be learned. You need action right now and the way may be temporarily blocked.


You may have had some hard words with a loved one recently, perhaps even your significant other. Yet despite the disagreement there is a greater understanding possible. All you have to do is keep an open mind, and be accepting even if you don't agree.


Listen to someone who rains on your investment parade today - they may know something, see something that you don't! You may think you have found the ultimate get rich quick scheme ... but it is most likely a scam. Be wary! Don't buy on impulse.


If you can avoid an argument with a travel agent, security guard or taxi driver today, you will get where you are going a lot faster. You may want to let someone have it over their bad customer service, but you'll be better off if you keep quiet.


Someone in your workplace has been cranky and unreasonable and it will dawn on you today that the problem is a medical condition that is making them unstable. You may be able to help with some advice about an alternative treatment they will find helpful.


Friends and companions are back into friendly territory again. You kind of feel like they have all been on a see-saw of emotions lately, traveling the spectrum from loving empathy to dark despair and then back again. True, they are a bit bi-polar right now, but they are sincere.


You are heading for some positive experiences with your religious or spiritual growth. Normally, you like to keep things on the "practical" level, but you have witnessed some kind of profound healing and are now eager to experience this yourself.