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Horoscope for Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Your personal energy is transforming as a result of some special people in your life. You are not only changing emotionally and mentally, but physically as well. There could be health benefits to boot. You will want to treat your mate or partner with a special gift today.


If you find yourself over-reacting to financial challenges today, ask yourself if you are not over-identifying with what you have, instead of who you are. You need to take a step back from your job and income, and realize that you are a lot more than what you do.


Today the troubles you have in getting from one place to the other are more likely to be self-caused. You'll be distracted, prone to daydreaming, and are generally something of a road hazard. If you don't have to drive, then don't drive at all. If you do, pay extra attention!


You have a wonderful opportunity to help a loved one or family member to improve their wellness, fitness, lifestyle or health. You may be thinking of encouraging them to join you in a regular aerobics, fitness or yoga class, or present them with music or a video.


You want to have some fun but subconscious thoughts, fears and worries keep breaking into your recreation time. Put your fears aside. They are not likely based on legitimate fears, and there is likely nothing you can do about them today anyway. Cross the bridges when you come to them.


You will have a lot of extra physical energy right now, and may want to take up a new sport or physical activity. This could be lucky for you, but make sure you warm up to it. You could be tempted to over-do things right now and that could come back to haunt you.


You have wonderfully romantic energies in your chart right now. The challenge may come from a sudden tendency to over-work, likely caused by unexpected opportunities in your career. You may have to juggle your personal and career lives to come to balance.


Use the challenges you face today in spiritual or financial areas of life to power their own solutions. You may find that the solutions to the problems seem ironic in some way. It will be as though the problem comes with its own built-in answer in some way.


You may be frustrated with paperwork or challenging travel plans right now. Your mind will be active, but you don't have a lot of physical energy, and your emotional mood may be part of the reason why you don't feel like being too active at the moment.


A sudden and unexpected dispute could prove to be troublesome, but it may also bring along financial opportunities. You may find yourself juggling schedules at the last minute today so that you can take advantage of someone else's dramatic mood swings. Your boss may seem a bit "bi-polar" today.


It may be your turn to be a little smug. The challenges you faced yesterday turn out to have been a blessing in disguise, and you now not only have some self-created lucky opportunities, but you are bringing in new friends who hopefully have more faith in you.


You may have strange dreams or visions today, and if you pay special attention to the symbolism, you may find that there is a message for you about your health. If you can't figure it out, your angels are telling you that you need to shake your booty more often.