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Horoscope for Saturday, August 19, 2017


You may just be dreaming but there is a chance you could go overseas or visit another country sooner than you think. Stay positive, there may be mixed signals right now, but the ultimate outcome is in your favor. Brush up on the local language and customs while you wait for confirmation.?


A friend or companion may offer you a chance to travel or to go out to an educational event, lecture or seminar. If for some odd reason you find yourself on your own right now, head out to the library or bookstore. You never know who you might meet along the way.


Relatives and loved ones with health challenges could require time and attention right now. There is a wonderful opportunity for you to find a new or alternative way to help them live healthier and more productive lives. Reach out and share what you learn.


Secrets and their consequences are the theme of the day. You have gotten a message recently that you take much better care of others than you do of yourself. Now is the time to buy yourself some space, some rest or some free time for a hobby.


If you and your significant other have needed to talk, this is the day you can make some major breakthroughs. All of a sudden the clam breaks open and no-one seems able to shut either of you up! Stop long enough to listen to each other, it will count.


A major opportunity to improve your home becomes apparent right now. You'll be considering new home improvements, renovations and upgrades. What you may not realize at first is that some things have to be torn down before they can be rebuilt. It's a big job.


You will be getting news about your health or well being that makes it even more important that you start on a healthy diet and exercise regime. Your creative abilities could prove to be positive and healing to your general well being somehow - a painting class or musical interest helps you deal with stress.


This is a special day in the history of your career. You face an important choice. Will you follow what you feel is right for you, or will you sacrifice your dreams for the desires of another? A friendly advisor could help you decide.


If you are single, it would be a sin against nature for you to spend the day holed up at home right now. Get yourself out into the fresh air, rain or shine, get out to see and be seen. Something is in the air right now, and you could get lucky in more ways than one.


You could make money right now from teaching, research, paperwork or through phone or a mail-order business. The keywords are "communication" and "information". You have knowledge and access to information resources that are valuable to others.


You swing from one end of the mood spectrum to the other right now. The reason for your changing emotions may not be outer events, but subconscious emotions triggered by past memories, smells or experiences. You can stay up if you have a creative outlet or hobby.


You could have a wonderful chat with an older loved one right now, provided you can stay to topics like learning, teaching or alternative medicines, and away from the hot-button topics like your love life, lifestyle changes or a dramatic transformation in their personal life.