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Horoscope for Tuesday, September 27, 2016


You may wonder if your friends are avoiding you right now, but it is likely that they are just busy with their own chores or family issues. In the evening, people who seemed to be ignoring you all of a sudden are putting demands on your time and attention.


If you are single, right now you have an opportunity to meet someone special, with long-term potential. If you are seeing someone, you may decide to make it exclusive. If you are already in an exclusive relationship, you or your partner may be thinking of popping the question soon.


There are tricky financial aspects in your chart right now. Be careful to avoid impulsive spending. You may need the money for other unexpected expenses. There is an upside, though. You may make an investment in a hobby or passtime that improves your health.


Good news is coming your way. You will be hearing about big opportunities to make new friends and meet new people in unusual ways. You may join one of those online chat boards, or call up one of those telephone chat lines for a lark. It could be more fun than you think.


It is going to be difficult for you to stay focused on work or chores right now. You will feel confused and uncertain, and you'd much rather play than work. All you can think about is the weekend and what you'll be doing then, and that makes it difficult to get much done.


Open your eyes and close your mouth. You will tend to be temperamental and somewhat anxious, and are vulnerable to saying the wrong thing at the worst moment. Don't let yourself be goaded into confrontations that you can't win, especially with relatives and loved ones.


If you find yourself in the middle of a faux pas at a meeting or work-related gathering, fall back on safer topics like favorite foods, warm moments and funny high-school stories. This is not a good time to try to trigger thoughtful introspection.


A family member is undergoing a big change, and while you are happy for them, you are also fearful of how this will change your relationship. Meanwhile, that "tough love" is starting to work, but your loved one in trouble, and other family members, may still be putting you on the spot for taking such a hard line stand.


For you right now the issue is more about long-term career objectives and real estate investments than strictly financial income issues, but the two issues do have fundamental ties. Don't take family members personally right now. They may come across as confused or irrational.


If you are still single, you may be heading for a sudden encounter with someone new, but it may not be the accidental encounter it seems to be. Your friends could be behind the meeting. If you are already married, some time spent out with friends could be fun.


You have a profound opportunity to heal an old family resentment right now. A deep inspirational insight will come to you regarding the reasons for your inner motivations in your career and home lives. You will have a lot of extra physical energy right now.


You may have more unusual dreams or visions right now. Pay attention to one that seems to be speaking about an idea for ways to make more money. You could have a winner there. Just be sure you don't act on it until you have looked into all that it will entail.