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Horoscope for Thursday, November 27, 2014


You will likely be the centre of attention amid a large group of people today. You may be tempted to blow your own horn just a little too much. A true leader does not have to broadcast their presence, they simply inspire followers. You will find that if you are more subtle today, you'll be more effective.


If you want to move towards greater prosperity, you may be deciding on a recreation budget. Someone you know has either been a negative influence on your spending habits, has encouraged you to spend beyond your means, or is picking your pockets.


You are going to have one of those family discussions where everything is talked to death but nothing ends up getting done. Your mind is not really focused today, and it is easy to talk circles around you. Put off any important negotiations until you can concentrate.


If you were thinking of making a new investment in your home, it will be a great day to check out home improvement supplies. Some extra cash will come in handy to improve your living conditions. Just be certain you don't over-spend your budget.


You may have an unexpected opportunity to have a little extra fun or recreation today. Just don't let yourself get over-committed to an expensive, fancy outing. Look for a better value for your dollar. Your local community center, church or synagogue may have a program that fits the bill.


The office politics will be interesting today, but the battle could get deadly if the territory turns to the gender wars. It is a good idea to stay focused strictly on business. A friend may call up with some exciting news that proves soothing.


You might want to lay low today, because your coworkers are determined to get into it with each other. You can make sure it's not with you. Just make sure to avoid the older folks you work with right now. They will tend to be dour at best, cranky at worst.


Your spiritual challenges continue today, but that crisis of faith seems to have transformed into a huge personal growth opportunity. You are seeing how sticking to your inner faith is far more important than showy displays of piety. You will gain a lot of confidence today.


You may finally be able to slide all the pieces into place so that you can take that dream vacation you have being planning for so long. You will have a lucky break that may bring in the money, free up the time, and put in place the backups you need to get away.


Someone important in your social or career path may ask you to take on a big responsibility, like hosting a party. You may be reluctant at first, but the rewards could well outweigh the risks. You can do this! It will be a little extra work, is all.


You have a sudden opportunity to take advantage of the good will and positive energy of the past day or so. You have wonderful opportunities to make new friends. You'll be seen by others as charming, creative, and hard-working, a winning combination!


Your intuition may not be so hot today, especially where it comes to authority figures and older males. Don't rely on that sixth-sense "cop radar" to let you know when it is safe to push the limits. Don't confront anyone who seems unreasonable today.