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Horoscope for Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It may be hard for parents in this sign to make their children understand that you can't have everything - even if you can "afford" it. You'll have an opportunity today to teach a child the cultural or family values you cherish, but it may not be as easy as you hoped.


Your energy for working, getting the chores done and getting some exercise has come back. You may finally get the energy to clean up the old homestead, taking out trash, cleaning up attics, painting or renovating, in order to build a more comfortable home.


Sudden and dramatic changes are coming in your love life. A friend or associate could introduce you to a stranger from a far-off place who either triggers renewed romance in an existing relationship, or proves to be a potential love-mate themselves.


You will get good news about money, or you will be spending much of the day learning things about money. It's a great day to sit down with that copy of "The Wealthy Barber" that you have been meaning to finish. You need to open up to your own financial ideas right now. You will learn of ways to bring more energy and vitality to your life.


Watch your driving today. You will be dreamy and unfocused, and may find it hard to concentrate on the practical realities of the road ahead. If you can't let someone else drive today, pay extra attention, especially if you are in unfamiliar surroundings.


You will have a powerful idea that dramatically improves your social and career prospects. You will find a way to bring two groups together in a way that heals an old rift and makes new progress possible. Other people will notice, and you will benefit from the attention.


A friend is in danger of having his or her ears boxed right now. You are sick and tired of watching them shoot themselves in the foot, and no longer want to be their designated "shoulder". A little tough love may be hard to deal out today but it may be the only way to wake them up.


You may be getting a strong intuition about the health and well-being of a friend or loved one today. You may be right, but you may also have to be somewhat delicate in how you approach the matter. The party in question may be in denial.


You have an unexpected or sudden opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your community, perhaps involving some kind of children's charity. If you have been looking for a way to give to your community, think of ways you can put computers in the hands of those without.


Someone could come to you looking for financial assistance, but you are both going to be much better off if you just offer advice instead. You may have the solution they need, even if it does involve a lot more hard work or responsibility than they would like.


Have you been thinking about a vacation? Now is the time you will find it simpler to take your thoughts into actions. You might have to run around a bit to sort out all of the details, though. Communication and paperwork will put you in "organization" mode today.


Like it or not you just may have to take charge in your family, but while banging their thick heads together may sound appealing, that could bring more trouble than resolution. If you want to help, be a patient and tolerant listener to both sides.