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Horoscope for Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Friends and companions are the pathway to new and interesting relationships, especially if you are single. You could be getting together to look into new ideas, philosophies or educational opportunities right now. Alternative healthcare options could bring interesting results.


You may be something of a flurry of activity right now, rushing from one chore to another. If you stop long enough to think, you may come up with a question about your work or career that has you considering making some drastic change for the future.


Someone older and wiser may have to be brought in to manage a dispute in the workplace right now. You may find that you are over your head and need another manager or the "big boss" to set someone straight. Productivity could be negatively affected by petty territorial disputes.


You may have a good laugh at a sour-puss of a coworker right now. All their prophecies of doom and gloom will come to naught when suddenly some unexpected resource becomes available. You may make a big sale or get a larger department budget.


Your family seems to come from another planet at the best of times, but right now you could be forgiven for wishing they'd go back there. They are cranky and eccentric, and make weird demands on your time. You can benefit by making it clear to someone that you want a favor returned.


You are facing a challenging decision about your career future. Do you bet the farm on a risky gamble, or stick with something you have grown out of? If you are feeling bored, you may find it hard to step outside a rut right now. You do need a challenge.


You may get some interesting alternative health care information that could help with a chronic healthcare problem for you or someone you love. A sacrifice or change may need to be made. Someone may need to give up their treasured sweets.


It is hard for you right now to get your ideas across to others right now. It seems at times like you are speaking a language all your own. You may need to slow down and think through your ideas slowly and carefully so you can penetrate some of the thick skulls you encounter right now.


You may be taking some strange or unexpected phone calls right now. People will seem dreamy, disconnected, and they have wild ideas you find hard to relate to your life. A sibling could call you right now with news about an unusual relationship that comes and goes in their life.


Your workplace seems a bit dark or challenging right now, but the struggle to get changes happening is not the best battle to fight right now. Best to bide your time, to get organized, to structure your own cubicle for another time when you can reach people better.


Leadership is not the ability to command, it is the ability to inspire others to act in ways that make them leaders as well. This is especially true if you happen to be a role model for the children in your family or the greater community around you.


A recent battle au verbiage in the home or with family members has blown over nearly as quickly as it started and everyone seems to be back together again. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sort out an old disagreement or grievance - at least if you are prepared to give some in return.