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Horoscope for Saturday, June 24, 2017


You could have a family member or loved one on your hands who is in the middle of some distressing change, and a small change of scenery could dramatically improve their outlook, or your own. A short drive together and some time to talk could work wonders.


You have an opportunity for a healing moment with your spouse or partner right now. You have a chance to find a way to rediscover what made you friends in the first place. If you are single, someone in your circle of friends may know of someone special they would like to introduce you to.


People are coming to you with their hands out right now. You may not have the resources to help them all, but you can teach them ways they can improve their lot in life. Use your experience, your wisdom, your creativity, and you can make a difference together.


You are having something of a personality crisis because of career or working conditions, even though financially things look quite good. You may be feeling a bit out of your depth at the moment, but if you keep treading water you will find things sort themselves out.


You may be considering writing some kind of creative tutorial. Other people who share your interests could be helpful in resolving a problem related to communication. Someone might be willing to trade expertise or time in exchange for your talents.


You will get plans, documents or information that will help you make those big changes you are planning in the old homestead. You and your partner have to come together on the biggest plans, make sure you both understand what it is you are committing to.


Communication is the key to sorting out the differences you have with your partner. While you may disagree about how to handle a housing situation, or how to deal with a family member, you will be able to agree that something needs to be done.


An argument or disagreement could lead to positive changes in your family life right now. You have an opportunity to turn a challenging moment between loved into a positive life-changing lesson for everyone concerned, provided that you can keep your cool.


You will be cranky, impatient and demanding right now, and to be blunt, no picnic to drive behind on the freeway. Don't be too loose with that middle finger of yours - a wave of the hand could come back to haunt you. It just may be your boss in the black Cadillac that you flip off.


You have taken every herbal remedy and wild new medical treatment, you have eaten oysters and raw eggs, but you feel your passion waning. Keep your chin up - this is only temporary. You will get your libido pounding again in no time. For now, some rest time spent together could work wonders.


You have some extra money coming in soon, but are not being terribly practical in how you spend it. You need to save, pay down some old bills, or invest, but your mind is happier thinking up ways to spend it all in the shortest possible time frame.


You may find some quiet time doing absolutely nothing is just what the doctor ordered. A few hours with a good book, or just relaxing in front of the television could be almost as good as a vacation right now. It also will not break the bank!