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Horoscope for Thursday, September 18, 2014


You might not be able to soothe the savage beast today. Your own energy is tense and impatient, and any attempt on your part to talk sense into your significant other could be frustrating. If you are still single, be careful around people that you meet tonight, they may have hidden issues or agendas.


You are tempted to spend a lot of money on some flowery bit of fluff that could go out of style before you get it home. Reign in your impulsive spending today, especially where it comes to art, redecorating and hobby or crafting supplies or classes.


You shine today and can charm the birds right out of the trees, but it is not birds you have in your sights. You are thinking about telling someone how special they are to you, and today they are hinting that they are very receptive to your interest.


You'll once again be focused on that home-based business idea or on the health of a family member. You have mixed energies in the chart today, and while there may be problems with communications and the Internet, there are also pretty good opportunities to build your small empire.


If your energies are split between a bunch of hungry children and a childish boss or coworker and you have to make a choice, then go feed the hungry kids. The "Big High Mucky-Muck" will get over it faster, even if they do put you through some tense moments.


Your coworkers or subordinates have come around. It's a miracle. You may wonder if a UFO came by and replaced them all with hard working clones but no, nothing so drastic. It is just that you were ahead of your time, and beyond their ability to catch up for a while.


Your love life gets ... "interesting". "Interesting" can mean a lot of things - good or bad, that depends on your point of view. If you get too wrapped up in values, finances, budgets and obligations, that pulls the needle to "bad". If you focus on love and friendship instead, that pulls it to "good".


You could have a disagreement with a friend about your personal values, beliefs, or religious convictions. You may discover their understanding of the issues is pretty superficial, or perhaps they have accused you of being a "weekend Sacred Warrior".


If you are traveling today, through long or short distances, make sure you are carrying everything you may need, including a well-charged cell phone battery. You may find that there are sudden and unexpected changes, challenges and interruptions in your plans.


You may find that your creative skills or a concept you have learned through spiritual studies could be a source of prosperity or improved productivity. Your creative talents will be needed today, and an idea you come up with could lead to money.


If a friend walked out in anger yesterday, today she is likely to walk back in, somewhat sheepishly. Turns out you were dead right on and she can't deny that now. If she did take your advice, chances are she's headed for recovery and you'll feel good about that.


Your intuition or a sudden insight could be healing or helpful to someone you love in a way you could never have imagined. You may have wild an unusual ideas and inspiration today. Keep an open mind, and don't be afraid to share information about healing alternatives today.