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Horoscope for Monday, May 25, 2015


You may have an unexpected opportunity to have a little extra fun or recreation today. Just don't let yourself get over-committed to an expensive, fancy outing. Look for a better value for your dollar. Your local community center, church or synagogue may have a program that fits the bill.


A challenging situation in your career or workplace has you a bit on edge right now, and it is spilling over into your social life. You may find that there are terrific changes to deal with all of a sudden, especially if your business is involved in technology.


You will be in a good mood today. Your sense of humor returns, and you are energetic. You are up for some fun, too. You might actually drag your partner out of the house to go party this evening. If you are single, you might be going out with friends when someone new catches your eye.


You may want to offer a friend or companion some advice or suggestions today, but hold your tongue until you are asked, especially if the topic under consideration involves their children or finances. You may get a lot of resistance otherwise.


If you are looking for ways to improve your personal wellbeing and to have a better or more interesting lifestyle, then you may consider investing in a computer upgrade, a home network, or in a class or lessons designed to help you make better use of technology today.


If you are looking for a way to turn recent frustrations into a positive, healing experience, consider teaching or helping others with similar experiences. You may find you have a skill that you can exploit for a much more lucrative career.


Friends and companions have come back down to Earth today, but it's with a bit of a thud. They may come across as childish and erratic right now, but their mood has a lot to do with personal insecurity and little to do with you. Patience! They will come around eventually.


Spiritual doubts and questions keep floating up into your mundane world today. It may be that you have doubts, or you are dealing with the doubts of siblings, friends and companions, but you may be spending too much time on the unanswerable right now.


You could be asked to teach a class or lead a group involving some kind of spiritual or holistic activity. You may not think you are qualified, but the truth is that you have ideas, insights and talents that other people need and find valuable.


Money makes the world go around, and you'll be dizzy today. You may be entertaining multiple job offers, a promotion, bonus or raise. You and do need to work out a budget, however, because despite the good news, it appears you are spending outside your means.


You'll be very aware of emotions today - yours, and those shown by the people you work with most closely. Conversations will focus on dreams, ideals, goals and aspirations, particularly travel plans, but there may be more talking than doing.


You are feeling confused about the actions or behaviour of a family member or loved one today. You may not be sure exactly what the problem is or what to do about it. Let others take the active role for a change. Sit back and wait for things to be clearer.