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Horoscope for Saturday, August 30, 2014


You may have to make an important decision about your appearance that involves your values or a commitment you shared recently with others. You may want to make dramatic changes, but it could impact your workplace or relationships. Proceed with caution, take your time to make a decision.


Be careful not to fall prey to temptation to comfort spend today, especially if you are a parent who recently gave the "I can't afford it" lecture. You don't want to be caught failing to follow your own restrictions. You may have to find a way to compromise on the family budget.


A major transformation is coming in an important relationship. You and your partner are discovering that the answer to recent communications problems is obvious. You simply need to communicate more. Sounds obvious. But the two of you have been dancing around the obvious for days.


Good news is coming your way regarding changes in your home or family, but you still feel anxious and uncertain, without being sure quite why. Your mind turns inward tonight and you could receive helpful insights through dreams, visions or meditation.


You have an amazing offer or opportunity to go back to school, or to read a book you have wanted to get your hands on for a very long time, but you may find that it is a challenge to juggle your schedule to fit it in. You have existing commitments that may have to be set aside.


You will likely find it hard to concentrate on your daily chores or responsibilities today, because your mind is scattered all over the map. You may find that other people seem argumentative for no reason right now, especially online.


Your love life could get very interesting soon. They say differences make good sparks, and if you are married you could find yourself in one of those arguments that mysteriously morphs into passion. If you are single, you may be attracted to someone wildly different and exciting.


You may feel a little frustrated because you harbor some doubts about the religious teachings you grew up with. You are starting to see that there are cracks in the logic, but the authority figures and teachers you have always relied on are keeping the gates to enlightenment tightly locked.


You are already planning your weekend getaway, whether it is a cross-country flight, a weekend at the cottage or a day-tripper to the local zoo, and you don't have much patience or attention span available for work, chores, meetings or office politics.


Today the dream come true opportunity looks a little more down to earth. Someone higher up in the corporate chain of command has taken an interest in an idea or project you like, and their support could mean a lot to the future of your career.


Friends and associates bring you great joy and enhance your self-esteem. It may be that through helping others you feel good about yourself, and you are likely to be on the receiving end of some very sincere compliments today. Don't know how to respond? A simple "thank you" is all you have to say.


You are worried today and you don't know why. Strange little things seem to go wrong at just the wrong time and it has you on edge. You will find though that all these weird little things form the cloud - the silver lining is just around the corner.