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Horoscope for Thursday, February 23, 2017


Trust your instincts where it comes to property or real estate matters. You may feel that it is time to make a change, but your gut feel is the best guidance you can seek out right now. Don't let a real estate agent push you to a quick decision based on flattery.


You may be able to connect with a neighbor or relative through a mutual interest in music or art right now. You may visit a creative or entertainment event and run into relatives, loved ones or neighbors that you did not know liked the same group or artists.


A health-related challenge that may have slowed you down could be improving with the help of an alternative treatment. Relaxation, meditation, acupuncture or herbal treatments could be very valuable to you right now.


You really want to make some big changes, but you are not sure what to do just yet. You may spend some time at home right now building up some part of your home or property. You may have some frustration with some paperwork or legal documentation right now.


You may find an unexpected household bill puts your saving plan for that special toy on hold for a bit. You might have to do some last minute fix-up repairs or make an adjustment to some kind of household appliance.


You are already planning your weekend getaway, whether it is a cross-country flight, a weekend at the cottage or a day-tripper to the local zoo, and you don't have much patience or attention span available for work, chores, meetings or office politics.


Your sharp wit could inflict wounds that you do not intend right now. Stay away from the grapevine. Sharp words in jest may come back to haunt you. Be extra careful when dealing with or speaking with your significant other - you could hurt them when you least expect to, and it will be hard for them to forget your words.


You will be getting unexpected phone calls right now. One could come from a banker or investment partner who has some exciting news or tips about investments in the tech sector. Another is someone who wants to share an unusual spiritual experience with you.


Friends can be both helpful and harmful where it comes to shared values, finances and debts right now. You have to make up your own mind what is right for the most stable and secure future for your family. Don't let "group think" affect your decisions right now.


You may have skills and talents as a teacher or healer that you could leverage for advantage in your career, but you may not be seeing the path ahead of you all too clearly right now. An adjustment of some kind must be made, possibly including additional education.


The people calling you right now really aren't interested in you just for your mind. You have other ample assets to put into play. You may be able to wheedle some extra free time out of your boss - do so, especially if you are single. Sports events are great places to meet new people.


Your spiritual gifts are starting to show, and you may discover that you have a healing gift that can bring comfort to others. You may be studying, learning, or even teaching others new ways to heal themselves through spiritual or holistic techniques.