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Horoscope for Friday, May 06, 2016


You and your partner have come to some kind of compromise right now, and you can get back to harmony if you are flexible enough. Remember to be a good listener. If you are single, you may find yourself attracted to someone who comes from another cultural or religious background.


Your intuition is not so good right now, and it could lead you down the garden path where it comes to herbal treatments and alternative healthcare therapies. Do be careful to check with others, to check online on the Internet, to speak to qualified medical practitioners, before you start taking something new.


Expect a powerful push forward in your career right now. You will be filled with abundant energy right now and can get a lot cleared off your desk. There could be disagreements or challenges at times, but the end results will most likely turn in your favor.


The big opportunity right now is in building new romantic relationships or partnerships, in challenging or in strengthening the bonds of existing partnerships or romances. You are about to enter a phase where you communicate better than ever before.


If you want to connect with your significant other, you may consider buying them a new cell phone, or getting together for some kind of night-school class in a creative craft or hobby. Even a simple movie shared together could perk up your feelings this evening.


Take some time to be with your significant other, just the two of you. You may be falling into a bit of a rut. Get out and just have some fun. If you are single, and your love life had hit a bit of a slow patch, get out for some fun time on your own, no entourage to distract you.


You are likely to hear good news about travel or education, and you'll feel highly charged and energetic. A family member wants to rain on your parade though - they seem to think you spend too much time playing and not enough time plotting your advance up the ladder of success.


You are going to be changing personal roles in the workplace. This could be a promotion, but it has more of a "sideways" feel about it - as though you are being asked to take on a new role - but may not be offered money or a better title - at least not yet. Make sure it is not more work for the same salary!


You'll be taking a leadership role in the workplace right now, and there are real "make or break" energies at play. You will experience strange synchronicities that lead you to just the right people at the right time and projects will seem to just "come together".


There are strong spiritual energies in your chart right now. You may feel yourself pulled between one set of goals and another as the result of challenging moral quandaries. Follow what you know to be right, no matter how difficult - you will find opportunities down that road that you might miss on an easier path.


An old friend could call or email you with mixed news. There may have been a loss or disappointment of some kind, but something new is coming that will fill an empty void. You can help a lot by being a good listener. You may be able to help with useful information.


You could be hearing good news about your finances shortly, and you will want to celebrate. Be careful of parties or gatherings that feature little more than chemical recreation, though. Drugs and alcohol could be dangerous for you right now. Instead, find a practical or creative way to expand your social circle.