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Horoscope for Wednesday, January 17, 2018


You have a poetic mindset right now, your creative juices are running hot. But you are not being terribly practical about putting your ideas into practical use. You may find at times that it is hard for you to get your ideas across to other people.


You may be thinking about adding a pet to your family. Realize that this is a lifetime commitment. You may not realize how much extra work may be involved. Even if you already have a pet, this may be more than you are ready for.


A friend or companion is the proverbial "bad influence" on you right now. Just when you need to get the nose to the grindstone, there they are with their car keys and the promise of a quick and easy get-away. What they propose sounds like fun, but you know what the cost will be if you fall to temptation.


Relationships may be both challenging and rewarding right now. It is a good day to take a step back, relax and care for one another. It is not a good day for confrontations, for heavy work together, or for taking in heavily active sporting events.


You'll have terrific physical energy right now - a little too much perhaps. You may find yourself getting angry or frustrated a little more easily than usual. Make sure that your mantra for the day is "I am calm", especially where it comes to dealing with family members, relatives and authority figures.


You have a sudden inspiration for a way to have some fun, but it will mean juggling around your work schedule right now. You have a lot of extra personal energy right now and can get a lot done. If you are a parent, you may have fund doing some chores with the kids right now.


The workplace is a little confusing right now. You are getting mixed signals from the people you work with. Leaders and young people you work with will be dynamic and pushy right now. Older people will tend to be cranky and uncomfortable right now.


You may have to dip into your emergency fund to help someone out. There could be problems with a child's health, well-being or with a friend who has just been foolish with their money one more time. If it is the latter you may be sorely tempted to write them off.


Someone else's troubles could be the trigger that gets you and a family member back on speaking terms. One or both of you is going to realize that your little spat was really rather petty - things could be far, far worse. You could both do some real good by reaching out to a troubled friend.


Unions, coworkers and groups of people you deal with in the workplace could bring disappointing financial news right now, but you may be asked to take on a leadership role. That is good news, because while it means extra work, it also means you get to push the agenda.


You may be getting a new computer or communications device at home or at work that will greatly increase your personal productivity. If you are looking for work, you may have a sudden interest in some kind of high technology or computer class.


You could end up in an argument with a friend about a child's healthcare right now. Be careful how you bring the topic up, it could be more touchy than you counted on. Someone is in denial about a needed lifestyle, diet or exercise change and could resist your suggestions.