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Horoscope for Thursday, March 22, 2018


If you are single, get out and shake your booty right now, because you are hot, sexy and exciting, and your attraction index has shot through the roof! If you are with someone, some flowers and chocolate and your wild ideas could bring out the passion this evening.


You could end up in an argument with a child or sibling right now, and must be careful to watch your temper. Things are challenging for you right now and a gentle sport would be helpful - avoid the more "extreme" sports, though, as you are vulnerable to accidents right now.


You have an air of the creative savant or guru about you right now. You are coming across as someone who knows something dreamy, spiritual, idealistic or creative. If you are employed in the arts or entertainment fields, there could be an interesting and energetic meeting right now.


You could be considering buying a new car or investing in a new and unusual form of transportation right now. If you are looking for a new physical activity or exercise, bicycle riding could be the dual-purpose hobby you need. It both gets you places and gets you fitter.


Friends and companions will have you on the phone a lot right now. The gossip lines are burning up with information about a friend or sibling and their hot new romance. Your own love life could be getting hot too, but you'll want to keep that under your hat.


Keeping secrets is a critical issue right now. You may feel that you can help someone by spilling the beans, but it's a sure-fire, one-way trip to disaster if you are not careful. Watch and wait a little while longer - the wounded party may surprise you by revealing their feelings themselves.


Relationships take centre stage right now and you'll be busy trying to figure out your costars in the drama of life. Or melodrama as the case may be. Someone is crying a bucketful of tears over a lost love they are better off without and they are not getting much sympathy from you.


You could end up in a dispute about money, values, debts or investments right now, because you are having a hard time getting others to see or understand your point of view. You are having some strongly emotional feelings about self-worth that are coming out in your spending habits.


Take some time to connect with your loved ones. If you are married or in a relationship, you need a play date, just the two of you. If you are single, you may find that your love life is heating up. An unexpected encounter online could have possibilities.


You'll feel like you need a bit of a booster shot financially, and a family member might help out by suggesting you read or re-read "How to make friends and influence people". You may find yourself getting into arguments or disagreements with friends about art or decorating choice.


You may be getting spiritual information from a less than completely credible source. Do some Internet searching, challenge authoritative teachings of any kind. If it is more about fear or judgement than love, keep seeking.


You can meet some wild and exotic friends right now. You will be drawn to people who are way outside your normal range of acquaintances. Relax, and let yourself get swept away for a bit! These people may be a bit strange but they will be a lot of fun.