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Horoscope for Wednesday, August 24, 2016


This is not the best day to go out bargain hunting, because you are impatient, distracted, and prone to eat greasy things that upset the intestinal tract. Not to mention you are impulsive and are likely to buy things that later on make you ask yourself what you were thinking.


You may notice that others are turning to you for advice and guidance. If you are not sure, ask some leading questions. How do they feel, what is their next step, what do they want? You may help solve the problem by helping them think it through.


You are doing much better financially and socially in the pursuit of your career goals, but you may find your progress is somewhat harder in terms of investments right now. You may come across someone who has a cranky attitude problem about money right now.


There may be budgetary conflicts between your home, family and investments, and the money you wanted to spend or save for your career future. Either way, this is a not a good day to spend money. Instead, spend some time hashing out a budget or spending plan.


You'll feel conflicted right now, for reasons you don't fully understand. Something you know to be true seems at odds with the facts you are presented. Focus on the solution, idea, or "truth" that feels right in your heart. Don't worry too much about being "right".


You may have to have one of those "sit down family meeting nights" soon. There are some restrictions on your lifestyle, perhaps due to being over-extended in creative extra-curricular activities or in your career. There just isn't enough of you to go around.


After four days of relatively stressful aspects, the air clears and suddenly those wild maniacs you call "family" have become virtual angels overnight. Okay, maybe not quite angels, but at least they are off your back and back on your team, for right now anyway.


If you are thinking about having children, right now is an excellent day to bring up the topic with your partner. If you are already working on it, you could get good news soon. If children are not in your immediate plans, "play safe" right now, and find a creative way to please your own inner child.


Expect good news from the significant other, but bad news from the office or workplace right now. Your partner may be feeling strongly playful and you could be forced to stay late to work on some boring and pointless paperwork. You will be able to sneak away just in time, though.


If you are single, friends may be plotting behind your back to introduce you to someone special - someone they hope will be good "marriage material". If you're married, it could be the will have to find other more creative ways to get your mojo going. They do say you need to get out more.


You may be approaching a transition stage in your life or a loved one may be making some challenging changes. This is not a good time to get into new financial deals with friends or family, if you do so, make sure all expectations are clearly understood.


You have a business or career opportunity right now that may be hard to resist. It will take a lot of energy and there is some risk involved, but if you are prepared to move quickly, there could be money-making opportunities in unexpected places.