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Horoscope for Monday, August 03, 2015


If you are a parent, pull out your wallet and keep it handy, you are going to need it. If not, you might want to tuck it away, because it will be your inner child screaming for a "gimmee" and you are better off if you remove yourself from temptation.


You might be tempted to push things a little too hard today. The sudden health kick you are on may be good but you have to ease into it a little more slowly, especially the physical activity part, especially if you have not been active the last while.


You may believe something about your partner that is not true. You are fearing the worst, and chances are the truth will bring a simple explanation for their weird behaviour of late. If you are single, you may be a little too strongly focused on hunting for a partner, and that may be driving people away.


Impulsive spending could put a real dent in your budget right now, especially if you are carrying any plastic. Leave home without it today. Carry only the cash you will need for necessities. If you still want that expensive toy tomorrow it will still be there.


You are either on the road or you want to be, and your distracted, wandering mind is bringing you to some interesting places. If you are taking a weekend drive, you will probably not have a set itinerary. You just want to go where the wind takes you.


You may want to impress an employer or an authority figure at a party this week, but you might be better off as one of the wallflowers right now. Be yourself, but don't push too hard to get into the "in" crowd. Any obvious social climbing could backfire right now.


Friends and companions will be a source of pleasure and inspiration today. You may be going out today to an entertainment event or a get-together in a large group of people who could be lucky for your social or career future in some way you didn't foresee.


If you are a parent you may find that there is mixed news coming from or about one of your children. You may find that their grades are better, but they could be having social problems in school. Creativity is high for you today but you find it easier to focus on mental tasks.


You are attractive and highly entertaining, and everyone seems to want your attention today. The one problem is your tendency to stick your foot in your mouth, particularly in the company of friends. Be careful what you decide say today, someone could take things the wrong way.


The financial picture is definitely looking up today. There are unexpected twists and turns along the path that fate has set out for you. You may be tempted to gamble today, but the best bet is on your own skills, talents, dreams and desires.


A book or web site may bring words of comfort or inspiration at just the right time. ?You may be feeling a bit out of sorts with a friend or sibling. Now may not be the best time to push for resolution, unless you are willing to give a lot of ground on your side of the argument.?


You'll feel like you need a bit of a booster shot financially, and a family member might help out by suggesting you read or re-read "How to make friends and influence people". You may find yourself getting into arguments or disagreements with friends about art or decorating choice.