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Horoscope for Thursday, July 31, 2014


If someone in your family challenges your choices or motivations today, it is likely because they believe that you have been spending too much time in self-indulgent pursuits lately. Well, you do deserve a few treats now and then. Do not let any criticism get to you right now.


Money, they say, makes the world go around. Today, it is mostly driving you around the bend. You may feel like you are chasing your tail, but the trouble is likely only temporary. You may have to forego instant gratification today for long-term future benefits.


If you have been wanting to pitch a new idea, try it early in the day when people are more likely to pay attention. Later on they want to gossip and nosh, but they are less interested in the daily grind in the afternoon ... everyone just wants to get out early to go play.


You have wild and interesting ideas for ways to improve your home or to redecorate your living space, but you may not be the most practical or realistic right now. It is a good idea to carefully budget out the costs and do a "return on investment" study before you spend too much.


You may find that it is incredibly hard to concentrate on work. You would much rather play and have some fun. Get together with some kids this evening if you really want to let things fly. One of them may come up with a truly unique and useful idea.


If you are feeling a little stir-crazy today, get your loved ones together and head out to the home of someone who is a little less fortunate. Call it a "group tidy and potluck". Everyone comes with tools, food and experience and works together to do some fixing and cleaning.


You could have unexpected or unusual arguments with people today. The biggest challenge comes from your significant other, who may be under pressure from an elder parent to make some major changes to the status quo. You are not ready to meet their demands just yet.


This is not the day to get into religious debates, unless you want to be taken down a notch or two. A family member with better knowledge than you may be the one to show you that there are aspects to the issue that you were not aware of or had not considered.


Travel and educational opportunities fly in fast and furious today, presenting you with interesting challenges. You may be asked to attend a recreational or entertainment event that involves a different culture or some new and unusual sport you have not tried.


You are facing a challenging decision about your career future. Do you bet the farm on a risky gamble, or stick with something you have grown out of? If you are feeling bored, you may find it hard to step outside a rut right now. You do need a challenge.


A friend or companion could reveal a hidden crush today, on you or on another companion. Either way, you are likely to be pleased by romantic news shared by friends. Do be careful driving, though, as you may find people are kind of distracted on the road.


Your intuition can bring incredibly healing insights today. You have a lot of wonderful ideas that could lead you to positive developments in your career or social future. You could brighten your workplace considerably by adding some music.