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What Goes Around Comes Around - The Law Of Karma

Hindus believe that the good or evil a person does will ultimately return to them, now or in another life. We can choose to embrace joy and love for ourselves and others, or we can choose pain and anger. The laws of Karma ensure that there will be consequences and whether they will be pleasurable or painful. Pagans also believe in a similar rule of cause and effect. They believe that whether you send out positive or negative energies you may be sure they will come back to you in the same way. Put bluntly what you do in this life will determine whether you are rewarded or punished in this life and those to come!

We are all responsible for our own actions. No-one else can make us do or feel anything, that is our responsibility alone. Buddhism teaches us that the way we choose to respond to our feelings will have good or bad consequences in this life and in future incarnations. What sort of lives do you think you have you already lived? Good or bad? What sort of life would you wish for yourself now and for future lives? It’s your responsibility to choose. Happiness or misery. Choosing to be happy now in this life will make the next one better for sure, but what sort of effect will it have on your life today? If you choose love and happiness for yourself and send those feelings to everyone around you they will come back to you in abundance right now and make your present life better as well as helping to make the next lives easier!

Your actions today will create all that is to happen and will determine your every present and future experience – there is no such thing as random chance. The law of Karma ensures accountability for your every thought, action and word and the inevitable results – good or bad, in this life or the next. Thus, with each action and reaction we set up a continuous chain of cause and effect resulting from every thoughtless thought, inconsiderate word or unthinking action. How often have we said something in anger deliberately to hurt? The first satisfying feelings of triumph and pleasure are soon replaced by feelings of guilt, shame or sorrow. How good do we feel now? This is instant Karma at work, but remember that you will be paying over and over again for those angry words and hurtful actions.

So before you say or do anything, think. What effect will it have on others? Why are you taking that course of action? Are you doing it to hurt? Be sure it will come back to you in the same way. For every action there is a reaction and our attitudes and responses will create our future – the consequences are long-range. Remember that all your past lives and actions have resulted in the life you have today. You can take action right now to change the course of your future lives by ensuring that you generate only positive and loving Karma in this one.