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To help you find the very best Psychic for your individual needs

We have sought to make this site interesting to all people, not just those of you who are psychic or who talk to psychics and we are seeking to give information on all aspects of spirituality, well being and new age topics.

Certain Sight was born out of a vision for psychic readers who could give readings with such clarity that the caller would be certain of what their future held. How differently would we have lived our lives if we had foresight rather than hindsight? Well we believe we can give you the tools and information to make life changing decisions right now.

All our readers are incredibly psychic. They do not use cue cards or computer screens to prompt them in their readings. Some of the readers are mediums and will hear your guides or loved ones talking to them. Other readers are completely clairvoyant and will literally "see" your future with their spiritual eyes. All are clairsentient and others clairaudient. Some use tarot cards, the runes or a crystal ball but all you really need to know is that all our readers are experienced insightful and friendly, simply the best in this business.

our psychics and mediums

To call our available psychics call: 0906 111 5055 and enter the readers pin when prompted.

Adele 3622
Aelissa 4444
Alice 6543
Angel 1441
Bryony 2727
Ellie 1180
Fran 1133
Jasmine 5115
Joanna 4567
John 5152
Karen 5791
Kelly 2444
Mariah 1881
Mary 5055
Mavis 1010
Michaela 3232
Pauline 3798
Robbie 3443
Ruth 2022
Sandra 2662
Sarah 9888
Teya 3691
Toby 2333
Vanessa 3900
about certain sight

Our aim on this website, will be to further understanding and tolerance, seeking a world where we understand ourselves better, leading us to understand others better. Please revisit the site regularly as we intend to add and change information and articles. We have a free biorhythms page and a chance to find out just how compatible you are with your partner. We have also carefully chosen some psychic related books and products we feel will be of interest to you, from our secure supplier, just click on any book or product and you will be taken to Amazon to be able to purchase securely.

We are hoping to establish a Psychic readers blog, this will be a forum for our psychic readers to be able to publish articles on anything psychic or related, perhaps books they are reading, psychic fairs they have been to or just their thoughts or perhaps distant healing.

For fun we have done a new age reading (Numerology, Biorythmn and Horoscope) for some celebrity couples and you can find the readings for Brad and Angelina, also Posh and Becks, we will be adding more of these pages over time if you would like a compatibility reading yourself go to our, are you compatible page. Also it is possible to get a full email reading written by our own celebrated astrologists and card readers. But if right now you want to talk then call one of our Psychics, Mediums and Tarot Readers and your new pathway will begin to unfold.

customer feedback

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"I had a question playing on my mind for a while, thanks for the answer I feel much better about the situation now." - Darren from Mansfield

"I used the text service to answer a question and was so impressed to receive an answer almost before I put the mobile down! Perfect for me and affordable too! Many thanks!" - Kath from Devon

"Certain Sight has given me a most caring and professional service having excellent readers who are incredibly sensitive and intuitive" - Hazel from Poole

internatonal callers

International Calls on Credit Card

Phone + 44 113 732 0622

All calls charged in Sterling, £32.95 for first 20 minutes £1.50 for each minute thereafter

From USA and Canada phone 1 - 800 765 1895