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Tarot appears to have emerged from medieval Italy or some say France from an old card game that was played by the gentry, In Italy the cards were called Tarocchi. However it’s origins seem to go way back to the Greek and Egyptian philosophers of centuries ago. Tarot reading has grown to become one of the most popular forms of psychic reading. There are 78 cards of which there are 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana. The Major arcane consist of 21 trump cards and the fool card. The minor arcana, consisting of 10 cards Ace to ten in four different suits and 4 court cards page knight queen and King, is virtually like a modern pack of playing cards and often gypsy readers simply use playing cards to do tarot readings.The traditional suits of the tarot where Swords, Batons, Coins & Cups although in recent years this seams to have changed a little with the batons being replaced with Wands and the coins with pentacles or disks. Tarot cards can be spread out in a number of ways. The Celtic Cross pattern is one of the best known and is the one usually taught to beginners, whilst the 5 card and 3 card (the romany draw) also among the most popular spreads.

Each card has it’s own specific meaning but group of cards in a spread together, can be read by gifted tarot readers to show a flow of future events. Thus a story of one’s life past and future emerges. The skill of a tarot reader is not only how much they know about the cards but also how they can interpret the cards. This interpretation is often clairvoyant or psychic in nature and so plays a major part in any reading. The cards are a particularly a good method to use for relationship readings as they are often quite specific and can show an insightful turn of events.

Clients often question how such readings can be done over the telephone. Mediums would say that they could tune into their guides who then speak to the client’s guides. Clairvoyants and psychics often foresee in their minds eye the course of events that will occur in a person’s life by stepping out of a time-line and seeing both backwards and forwards. Tarot readers are very well equipped for telephone readings as they have a physical entity showing specific pictures and themes. It is the cards on which their instincts can be placed. Also for a client who knows about tarot they could actually discuss which cards have been spread before the reader. In recent years many new card decks have evolved, Angel & Animal being just two of many.

So give our tarot line a call now and ask for a live psychic tarot reading. Remember you can ask the reader what type of cards they are using and what cards refer to what events in your life that they are predicting.