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You Can Count On Numbers

An Introduction To The Fascinating Art Of Numerology! Across centuries of time, across cultures and lands numbers have been used for more than just tallying totals, working out wealth or counting sheep! We are all aware of those 'Lucky No's', all over the world some No's are considered to be lucky, some dates are thought of as being the most auspicious for special ceremonies or occasions. During readings I often use Numerology for folk who are looking to move house, as even house No's can be 'right' for a person. But what about people? Well names can be worked back to a single No that tells a lot about the person, there are some good books on the market to show you how, but for the purpose of this short article I am going to introduce you to your Star Sign Equivalent Number. Each Star Sign is represented by a number (some Star Signs carry 2 and some share a common No) so here they are:-




CANCER is 7 & 2

LEO is 4 & 1



If you are a ONE -- Open and confident personality, enjoys company, you should wear gold jewellery and noticeable clothing, treat yourself to at least one designer outfit per year, go for gold, mustard, oranges and reds alongside your favourite black, don't just spend it on the home, which is likely to be lovely and unusual especially the window treatments!

TWO's Loving and kind, a wonderfully creative mind but can be doubtful of your own talents and abilities. You need the reassurance and admiration that comes from your many friends.

THREE's Larger that life personality, a seeker of knowledge and change, keen intuition or fully fledged Psychic ability. Partners can't keep up with you until suddenly you decide that alone can be good too (for a while) Watch what you eat and drink!

FOUR The No of stability, making a welcoming, comfortable home for yourself ( or others in the design or build field) Seen as practical, down to earth and loving with a flair for the unusual that can take others by surprise!

FIVE A mind like quicksilver, adaptable, you think 'on your toes' therefore you become good under pressure. Electronic games, quizzes and picking up a smattering of the local lingo on a fortnights holiday is easy peasy to you, can't keep a secret, always busting to share. Commitment is scary.

SIX The No of Return of Good for Good. What others give into relationships with you they will get back in spades, fair minded and impartial you would make a good boss, any jury would find you an excellent spokesperson/leader but you should work towards being the Judge / Magistrate! A partner who is as even tempered as yourself and picks up after themselves would be your ideal mate, hard to find though so you need to train the one you've got and teach your kids as well! Please do try to take some time out, to be by yourself, light candles round the bathtub lock the door and drift off for an hour? Daydreams/ meditation recharge your spirit.

SEVEN's one of those worldwide 'lucky No's. Warm hearted, you love making people happy, are a real good pal but should avoid trying to 'lift' pessimistic mooded folk, you will only take on their gloom as you are like an emotional sponge, think about taking up counselling or go on a Rieki course! At work, change, variety is needed, nose to the grindstone type jobs would not suit you.

EIGHT There is such a thing as too much stability and the doubling of 4 can bring this into your character. Other folk can see you as a bit of a plodder in work but you are working to your own special rhythm, the rhythm of success. Once you are up there where the air is clear you are likely to surprise family and friends by kicking over the traces and galloping of into the wide blue yonder, a late developer, emotionally speaking as work is important to you in earlier life, if you are still on the right side of 40 try to grab some adventure now rather than later, stun everybody, swan of to India for 6 months, don't even worry about your job, you are so good at bringing in the boodle that your boss will be waiting at the airport with a fresh contract! Negotiate a better deal or take your talents elsewhere!!

Last but far from least No NINE The number of independence. You stand up to be counted, justice and fair play are important to you, people who prevaricate annoy you, not a fence sitter you get in there and make a difference! Jobs that come with responsibilities (and even a uniform) appeal to your strong nature. Do try to listen to those under you, take a step back, take a second look at others ideas, with a little help from you they can shine too! On a personal level you can be a bit of a soft touch, a tendency to be impulsively over generous when the bill arrives in the restaurant can leave you a bit short of the readies! I hope that you find numbers as fascinating and useful as I do.