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A Cast Of Runes

Rune = a holy secret, a mystery that is whispered.

No-one knows for certain how old Runes are or who first used them, ( evidence of Runes exists from the last Ice Age) we know that the Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Celts certainly did many centuries ago, consulting them as an Oracle on many subjects, will we win this battle?, should we plant crops today? Questions that were relevant in the every day lives of a people in tune with the Earth.

Today Runecasters are few and far between, it is not however a dying art, there will always be some to carry on the knowlege and tradition. Rune readings can be just as useful in todays crowded world, Runes open the enquirers mind to possibilities, freeing the person from what they have been taught 'should be' allowing the realization of what 'can be', in short Runes release the answer from within yourself, the knowlege is 'remembered'/ 're-discovered' from the unconcious mind. In a reading the Querant is asked to pull a number of Rune tablets from a cloth bag and throw them (Cast the Lot) onto a cloth that is seperated into the areas of Being, Thinking, Doing and Is (Ice) some Runes will land face down these are called 'hidden' and like reversed Tarot cards have a different meaning to the face up stones, meanings also change depending on where on the cloth they land. Telephone Rune reading is possible with the cast being made for the client by the Runemistress/master. Of course you could buy yourself a set, borrow a couple of books from your local library and teach yourself, naturaly it takes daily practice for several months but you would be benefiting from the wisdom of the Ancients every time you make a cast of runes!