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Forget the song girls, his kiss won’t tell you. You need to take a good look at his hands. It’s all to do with hormones and the length of his fingers! In a recent experiment women were asked to hold the hands of men hidden behind a curtain so they couldn’t vote on looks. Guess what, they all chose the men with the long ring fingers. Science proves that these men received more testosterone whilst in the womb which means they are likely to be the most macho, sporty and aggressive. Not only that they will probably be more fertile and have a high sex drive. So be careful what you wish for! Palmistry confirms this theory. A long ring finger indicates a man who struts a little and likes to be a bit of a peacock to attract a mate – he’s saying ‘Look at me’.


palm 1

More than half a centimetre longer than his index finger means you’ll have some fun for the night, but this man doesn’t like commitment so don’t expect him to still love you tomorrow. He loves the excitement of the chase and the affair but will soon be looking elsewhere. He’s a bit of a show-off who takes risks. You’ve been warned!


palm 2

You can trust this man. He’s respectable and very responsible, he can even be a bit bossy. In short, a typical family man. He can set very high standards – maybe a little too high for you – and he takes himself a trifle seriously! This paragon may be a bit too perfect for you. But if you want someone sincere and hard working this is your man


palm 3

This is all about sexuality! This man loves to flirt, be careful he’ll talk you into a corner!If it reaches above the crease line of the ring finger then he will swiftly talk you into his bed! He is full of sweet talk and has practiced his techniques – be wary of anything he says, he is a man who can be very manipulative so watch out.


palm 4

If his little finger is more than half a centimetre below the top crease of the ring finger means that no matter how obviously you flirt he won’t pick up on it. So if you want this guy you will have to make the first move. Subtlety is not his forté, he can even be a bit blunt. This man is just no good with words, so don’t expect poetry!


palm 5

If his little finger sticks out away from the other fingers this guy is full of adventure in the bedroom. Fancy trying your luck? He will be up for trying anything at all between the sheets, so your love life will never be dull. He loves a fancy dress party and is very happy to look silly in the cause of love! He’s eccentric, but never boring.


palm 6

None of the other indications obvious? Don’t panic. Just have another look at his hand. If he has a large springy mount below his thumb, this guy has plenty going for him! He has loads of stamina – enough to keep you awake all night. This is the Venus Mount and is the seat of vitality and sensuality. This man will be full of enthusiasm and warmth.