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CLEARING, CLEANSING, CRYSTALS. What is 30 Million years old, used as adornment by people all over the world for thousands of years, used in cement, in the brake linings of the car you drive, can cost as little as £1, or as much as a couple of million! Quartz crystal forms approximately one 12th of the worlds surface, we use it in radios, watches, navigation systems for space shuttles and more recently in pain relief 'pens'. Right here I want to help you use this awesome natural power for your health, your loved ones health and the health of the space you occupy, your home and work place! Take the purity and simplicity of Clear Quartz, every home should have one (or three!) it clears negative energies from it's surroundings, proven to generate electromagnetic energy and dispel static electricity, keep one in the living room,near the T.V., computer etc. The bedroom should have it's own for it's magnificent healing properties, treat your crystal kindly, clean it under gently running water at least once a week, washing all the negatives it has collected on your behalf down the drain. ( it appreciates a light scrub with a mushroom brush occaisionally) This particular crystal is said to enhance psychic connection and cleanse the soul. In crystal healing it can be placed near the ears to realign and balance, the heart, neck or stomache also benefit from it's health giving emmisions, So what have you got to lose?

A few pounds will buy you a fist sized milky white piece with beautiful long clear points, at best it will help you physicaly and mentaly, at the least (if you don't believe) it will enhance your home as an unique ornament! Enjoy!