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How Well Is Your Home?

When you look back at the places where you have lived is it with love and fond nostalgia, or with unhappiness and pain? We often assume that our changing fortunes are directly connected with the place where particular events in our lives have occured. If you have ever thought like this have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the house or building itself may have had a significant impact on your feelings of discontent or happiness?

Buildings are alive too. They absorb the vibrations that move and circulate around and though them, and hold these vibrations within their structure – both negative and positive. These vibrations have been left behind by the people that have occupied the space.

Human beings have an invisible aura that radiates around them. These auras are formed by our physical body – our cells, our organs and the tissues which constitute our bodies. Auras give off energy in the form of light, heat, sound and colour which filters out into the air around us and affects everything it contacts including the furniture, the walls and the floors – every part of the house. In times of great emotion the vibrations linger behind to be picked up by other people at a later time, sometimes much later. This is how you can pick up the vibrations left behind by previous occupants of your house.

These feelings are costantly flowing back and forth between the house and us, so when we consciously create a peaceful and loving environment it stands to reason that our home will reflect those feelings. And the opposite too is true and aggressive or unhappy vibrations will linger within its walls. So if we deliberately work at creating a healing home, should a time of ill health or hardship arrive, our home will be able to support and comfort us with its positive vibrations.

Your home too has its own aura, just like your plants and any animals you may have. Your home’s aura is made up of everything within it, the way it’s designed, the building materials, decorations and colours, but most of all from the love that is shared within it.

Our thoughts also set up negative or positive vibrations which spread like ripples on a pond. How often have you experienced the negative affect that one person in a bad mood can have on everyone else? Your house feels it too and will harbour those negative emotions. It is well known that negative thoughts and attitudes have just that effect on our physical and mental well-being. Obviously the opposite effect is true of positive and loving thoughts. Therefore, harmonious vibrations will manifest as good health and negative ones will result in ill health.

Our aura is our greatest protector and we become uncomfortable if our personal space is invaded by anyone, particularly if we don’t know them or feel uncomfortable around them. We may have to withdraw to until we can breathe comfortably again. Our home is an extension of our personal space. Our sanctuary where we retreat from the stress of the outside world. A refuge of privacy where we can do and be as we want. It is important to keep it clean and harmonious in order for it to give us the protection and comfort we need.

There are rituals we can perform in our homes to maintain harmony and keep it alive and fresh. Some should be practised on a daily or monthly basis, some as a seasonal ritual and some in response to major life changes.

Every morning greet the sun, or the rain, snow, clouds and of course the sky. Place a crystal in the window of a sunny room and visit the room when you know you will be able to revel in the beauty of the rainbows and find peace. Burn aromatic oil and light a candle wherever possible. Go into every room of your home every day and make sure you keep them aired and sweet smelling, leave behind you only your positive vibrations.

Seasonal rituals can be hugely calming and satisfying leaving you feeling peaceful and happy. Spring clean! Include cupboards and drawers, wash your curtains and clean your carpets – you know how good it feels when you’ve done it! Celebrate the summer and winter equinox with a special dinner using seasonal produce. Make sure to get rid of last year’s calendar and replace it with a current one. Have an anniversary house warming party every year, and plant spring bulbs and annuals.

Whenever you experience major life changes making subtle changes in your home will help you to accept and get past them. If you feel restless, change the colour of your front door and then see how you feel, just doing that may make you feel happto stay where you are. If you haven’t used something for 3 years, sell it or throw it out. Move your furniture around and get rid of any pieces you don’t like or that make you feel uncomfortable. Furniture can bring its own vibrations into the house – make sure they are good. Buy a small gift to your home of a plant or picture. Plant a tree or shrub as a ceremony for a new start – plant one for every member of the family and every time a new member comes to live in your home. When someone leaves acknowledge their leaving with a ceremony. Clean out their room, if possible redecorate to suit a new occupant or purpose. All you need to keep is a photo or small personal item for good memories of the departing person. Hold a 21st birthday party for your son or daughter and give them a symbolic key of the door.

When you move to a new home it’s a good idea to cleanse it of any negative energies. The vibrations of previous occupants will leave their mark. If they were generally happy and healthy they will leave behind positive energies. But even if the energies feel good it is a good idea to give them a spring clean just in case there are any unhappy or sluggish vibrations lurking. A Shamanic clearing ritual can make your home feel fresh and clear.

Starting from the door, walk around the room in a clockwise direction clapping your hands loudly and rythmically making circles in the air. Each time you come to a corner in the room clap your hands several times in an upward motion. As you move round the room listen for areas where the sound of your clapping is dull and flat. Go back to those areas and clap your hands in sweeping movements towards the nearest window to drive out the negative emotions. Check the sound again – it should now be crisp and clear.

From time to time we all have unwelcome visitors in your home which can cause anxiety. You will find that they won’t stay long in a protected home filled with love and happy thoughts. However, you may still feel restless and uncomfortable after they leave and the vibrations left will disarm you. Once they have gone you can deal with them calmly. Clear the space where they have been. If they were sitting in a chair run your hands over it several times, drawing up the energy and clearing it with a sweeping motion directed towards the light or towards a plant if there isn’t a convenient light source – plants absorb negative energy and transform it into light. Now sit quietly in the chair, close your eyes and focus on your breathing until you feel calm. Form a picture of this person in your mind – see them walking towards you smiling with arms outstretched. See them stop and greet you, you feel very calm and peaceful. Now say, “Thank you for the lessons you have taught me, go in peace.” Watch them turn and walk away. Meditate until you feel calm and then send out calming thoughts to the room. Ask for help to clear any harmful and impure vibrations by saying “All that is harmful,negative and impure leave this room and be transformed into light”.

Blessings for a happy home filled with peace and love.